About Me:

My name is Eric Wasatonic ... or just call me: Tonic

I am the type of electrical engineer who grew up taking things apart to see how they worked. I still enjoy digging into electronics to repair things, to harvest parts, or to build something new. If money was no object, I could retire right now and never get bored as I curiously delve into an ever-growing list of projects that I want to tackle and share.

At the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 2011.

Self portrait captured through LCD projector optics, 2017.

About This Website:

I just created this website in July 2017, so it is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS as I add content.

Some of the content is intended as supplemental information (extra photos, schematics, instruction manuals, etc.) for certain videos on my YouTube channel: Eric Wasatonic.

If you think this website looks like it's from the late 1990's or early 2000's, you are absolutely right. I made it that way by design (complete with cheesy animated GIFs) to emulate some other more-established websites (especially those in the following list) with similar content that inspired me to create this one.